updated: Dec 25 2008

Box Loom

A portable wooden box loom, suitable for weaving tapes and cords.






1300 - 1399




I'm going to enlist Dad's help with the woodworking. First I need to draw up some plans, then we can start going through his wood stash looking for something suitable.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Dec 16 2008

The Loom

We got the loom put together on Christmas Eve. Everything was done with power tools. All joints were secured with wood glue, except for the roller end caps which are a friction fit.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Dec 25 2008


Box sides and bottom: cypress
Gearwheels, pawls, end caps, box ends: Baltic birch plywood
Hinge pins, threader handle: bamboo
Rollers, pawl hinge caps: unknown hardwood
Heddle: cherry

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Dec 25 2008


The heddle was made from strips of cherry wood, 1/8" x 3/16" x 4.5", held together by two strips on each end, 1/8" x 3/8" x 4.75". The gaps between the strips are 3/32". The jig used to space the strips was a block of wood with two nails of the correct diameter hammered in between each pair of strips.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Dec 25 2008


The heddle threader is a bamboo dowel with a loop of steel wire inserted into a hole in the end and secured with a cherry wedge. It's not a historical design that I know of, but it's useful.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Dec 25 2008


Made a proper (if not necessarily documentable) shuttle out of some maple scrap. Picture in the gallery.

added by Lorenzo Petrucci on Jan 2 2009